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•  Display Mode
The number of colors that your video display card can render. Back in the early 1980's cards rendered 4 color. These were called CGA card.

Over the years newer cards were EGA - with 16 colors, VGA with 256 colors, and now SVGA which can support 16,000,000 colors also referred to as True Color mode with its 24-bit value. There are also higher end display cards that use a 32-bit color mode for alpha-channel (reserved for transparency information). [ Back ]
•  Directory or Folder
Is a location on your hard drive which has been divided into an inverted tree-like structure each with its own name and path. The topmost directory is called the "Root Directory" and any directory below it is called a "Sub-Directory".

Example: Drive C on your pc is a root directory, written as C:\
and your Windows folder is a sub-directory of C, written as C:\Windows   [ Back ]
•  Dither
Dithering is the process by which a computer attempts to display an unavailable color by mixing available colors. The blending or dithering gives gives the appearance of the intended color. At times dithered colors look ok, but you may not always be happy with the result.

Most web designers use the web safe color palette that consists of 216 color that should not dither on most browsers.

This is an example of a dithering color:

dither.gif - 385 Bytes

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•  Download and Upload
The copying of a file or files from an online service such as the web onto your computer. Doing the opposite or copying a file from your computer to another computer is called "Upload". [ Back ]
•  File Name and Extension
A file name consists of two parts and must be unique in its directory (folder). The first part is the "name" and the second part is called the "extension". The extension is preceded by a period and generally is limited to 3 characters in length depending on the operation system. File names cannot contain the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > | .

Example: logo.gif   "logo" is the name, and ".gif" is the extension. [ Back ]
•  FTP
Is an Internet protocol (File Transfer Protocol) that enables users to transfer files from their computer to the Internet.

FTP software enables users to transfer (upload), delete, rename, move, and copy files on a server with an easy graphical interface. [ Back ]
•  Hexadecimal
Is a 16 base numbering system that lists 16 sequential numbers using 1 position before adding a 2nd position. The numbers are: 0-9 representing zero through nine, and the letters A-F representing ten through fifteen (remembering 0 - to makes 16 numbers). Using this hexadecimal numbering system, the number 10 would be written as "A", 11 would be "B", ..., 15 would be "F", and 17 would be "11" which would be the start of the new 2nd position.

Hexadecimal number are used in Html to specify different color values on a page. For example the color red would be written as hexadecimal "FF0000". This would be equivalent to the RGB decimal value of 255-0-0. [ Back ]
•  Path
A path is the route through your computer, network, or Internet file system to a particular file.

On a PC with a Windows operating system, the format is: Drive Letter: Directory Name (also called Folder) File Name and Extension.

A path example to a photo on my computers main hard drive in my "photo" subfolder which is under my "graphics" folder would look like this ("photo" folder being a sub-directory or sub-folder of my "graphics" folder):


The same image on my website might have a path such as this:

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•  Pixel
Is a Picture Element - a single point or unit of programmable color in a graphic image or computer display. [ Back ]
•  RGB
Represents Red, Green, and Blue coloring system used on a computers display screen. Decimal values 0-255 can be specified to increase or decrease the amount of each color - 255 being the maximum intensity of each color. The range of colors 256 x 256 x 256 gives is a total 16,777,216 possible colors.

The Html expresses these color in hexadecimal format 00 through FF. So the hexadecimal number 99FFCC would be equivalent to RGB: 153-255-204 (a red value of 153, a green value of 255, and a blue value of 204) which would be a light green:          color.     [ Back ]
•  Screen Resolution
Is a the number of pixels of your entire screen display. Typical PC settings are 640 x 480, 800 x 600, and 1024 x 768. [ Back ]
•  URL
"A URL (Uniform Resource Location) is an address for something you can access on the Internet." "There are 2 different ways of referencing external files from a HTML file: absolute and relative." (from HotDog Help File).

Example of absolute reference:
<IMG SRC="">
Example of relative reference:
<IMG SRC="../image.gif">
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