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All graphics here are original creations of "This n That Graphics". As creator, "This n That Graphics" retains the copyrights to all the graphics displayed on this web site. Using the graphics constitutes your acceptance to the Terms of Use in this Licensing.

The graphics are made available free of charge for use on personal non-commercial nonprofit sites only.

Commercial sites are welcome to use the free graphics provided that they be used to enhance their own pages, and that No monetary compensation or profit in any form shall be received for any of the graphics.

A text or graphical link to my web site would be appreciated. A small logo button has been included with the graphics. The html code to link back to me is:
<a href="">
<img src="1tnt120x40.gif" alt="This n That Graphics"
border=0 height=40 width=120></a>
Static Button
You may not resell or re-distribute the graphic found here. You may not add any of my graphics to any other collection, electronic, or print media without my permission.

These graphics are not to be altered in any way, except for adding text to the buttons. All 'sets' are meant to be used AS A SET. Please do not use them outside of each particular sets group. (In other words, don't mix them with other sets.)

This license granted to you is effective until terminated. You may terminate it at any time by removing all graphics created by This n That Graphics from your web site(s).

Web Designers:
Whether you receive monetary compensation or not for creating a web site for others, you may not use these graphics without my permission.

For additional information please contact me:
This n That Graphics

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